Welcome to the Bundessieger & International Show in Dortmund.

The Bundessieger & International Show is the largest dog show in Germany. 9,383 dogs from around the world have been reported to the competitions.

Timetable beginning of judging

we are looking forward to your participation in the Bundessieger & International Show and wish to provide you with some important information in advance. Enclosed you will find the hall and ring plan with the beginning of judging (see: Start).

It is sufficient to be at the ring 15 minutes before the judging starts. Entry of the dogs: from 7.00 a.m. The dog entrances are located at Hall 2 (for the rings in Hall 1), 4, 5 and Hall 8.

New Hall Concept


For the first time at the Bundessieger & International Show 2015, a new hall concept will be implemented. The rings in Halls 1, 6, 7 and 8 will be rearranged and special lounge areas for exhibitors will be created. In this way we ensure that the evacuation routes in the halls remain clear and unobstructed by equipment (pet carriers, grooming tables, chairs, etc.). This has, in the past, shown to be problematic and been criticised by the fire department. Additionally the exhibitors are to have means to prepare their dogs in peace and wait for scores. Specific areas (shaded in the hall plan) solely designated for exhibitors can be found in each hall. (Ring Plan)

We request that you make use of these designated areas near your ring. Our on-site personnel is available to answer any questions and will show you to your respective spaces. We furthermore ask you to refrain from bringing crate fencing. Following the Bundessieger & International Show, we will conduct an online survey about the new hall concept so that we may take your opinions and suggestions into consideration for future adjustments.


You can order Online-Tickets for your companions. Follow this link:

Confirmation of registration & vaccination certificate

Your received your confirmation of registration from us by email as PDF. Please remember to print both pages in order to use the vouchers for the entry and the catalogue. Moreover, your need the vaccination certificate with the valid rabies vaccination for your dog. The official veterinary checks them randomly at the rings.



We wish you a good trip and a lot of success. (How to find us)

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