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Enter your dog in the National Winner & Autumn Winner Show. A weekend of two International Shows where you can earn International (CACIB) and National (CAC) titles with your dog.

If you enter twice, you have twice the chance to win titles & contenders and receive a discount on the entry fee.

Hygiene concept

The current Corona Protection Ordinance of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (www.land.nrw/corona) does not stipulate any restrictions for events. There are thus no corona-related access restrictions for the Hund & Pferd trade fair.

We appeal to the self-responsibility of each individual and recommend, if necessary, the wearing of a medical mask - for one's own protection and above all for the protection of fellow human beings who are particularly at risk.

We continue to provide for various hygiene measures. These include:

  • modern ventilation systems that ensure constant airing of the halls
  • Widened aisles and adequate space in common areas
  • Provision of disinfectants and regular cleaning of all contact surfaces and sanitary areas

Animal Protection Dog Ordinance

The Animal Welfare Dog Ordinance provides for a ban on the exhibition of dogs that exhibit torture breeding characteristics. In order to be able to dispense with veterinary entry checks and examinations of the show dogs at the entrance, the VDH, in cooperation with the responsible authorities, has developed the following concept for the VDH European Winner & Spring Winner Show.

This concept provides that veterinary certificates must be submitted in advance for each participating dog. The corresponding forms and further information can be downloaded below or by clicking on the button.

Exclusion of exhibitors from Russia and Belarus

By decision of the VDH Board, exhibitors and sportsmen from Russia and Belarus are excluded from VDH shows, tests and sporting events until further notice. No dog belonging to a (co-)owner resident in Russia or Belarus will be admitted to VDH shows, tests and sporting events.

To the decision


Bring vaccination card

Furthermore, all need the vaccination card with the valid rabies vaccination. The dogs, which are brought to this event (exhibition), must have been verifiably vaccinated against rabies at least three weeks before the event (bring vaccination card/EU pet passport).

The rabies vaccination is valid for 12 months from the day of vaccination. If a longer validity is to be claimed, this must be proven by entering the validity in the vaccination certificate or in the EU pet passport in the field "Valid until". If a dog vaccinated against rabies is revaccinated against rabies before the end of the validity of the existing vaccination, the so-called 3-week period does not apply. In case of a first vaccination, the dog must have been at least 3 months old at the time of the vaccination and the vaccination must have taken place at least 21 days ago at the time of the event.

Common areas for exhibitors

In order to keep the escape routes in the halls clear and not obstructed by equipment (transport boxes, trimming tables, chairs, etc.), there are lounge areas reserved for exhibitors. You can prepare your dogs there in peace and wait for the evaluation. You will find special areas in each hall (marked with hatching in the hall plans), which are exclusively reserved for the exhibitors. We ask you to use the areas provided near your ring. Our staff will be available on site to answer your questions and show you the appropriate areas. Furthermore, we ask that you refrain from bringing exercise fences.

No dog crates will be provided.

Online tickets

You can order tickets online for your companion or dogs that will not be exhibited. There will be no box office on site.

Group division

Dogs from over 240 different breeds will be exhibited. On which days the respective dogs will be evaluated, you can see in the group division.



In which classes (depending on age and qualification) can I show my dog? From the youngest to the veteran class you can enter your dog. You can find the overview here.

List of judges

Qualified judges from all over the world evaluate the individual dogs. Which judge is for your breed, you can find here.

Register dog

If you want to enter your dogs for the shows, you are at the right place. Here you will find all information about entry deadlines, entry fees and registration.

Exhibition regulations

For the participation in the exhibition, various regulations must be observed. From the exhibition regulations of the VDH and the FCI to the vaccination obligation, we have summarized the most important regulations for you.

Eye examination

You need an eye examination for your dog? Veterinarians of the DOK are on site and perform the necessary examinations, e.g. for a breeding license. Click here for registration.


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