Welcome to the Bundessieger & Herbstsieger Show in Dortmund.

Join one of the most important dogs show in Germany. The Bundessieger & Herbstsieger Show will take place from 11–13 October 2019 in Dortmund. Over 8.000 dogs from all around the world. Several motorways are nearby the fairgrounds. Hotels and special camper places are directly near the halls. Judges from all around the world are invited to the biggest shows of Germany. All rings are large and fully carpeted. The VDH Team is happy to welcome you.

You have the chance to reach the CACIB and CAC twice a weekend.

Norway: multiple cases of a serious disease of dogs have occured


In Norway, multiple cases of a serious disease of dogs have occured . The VDH therefore recommends its member clubs and National associations not to admit dogs living in Norway to events, exhibitions and sports competitions in Germany for the next 14 days. The VDH thus follows the decisions made by the Kennel Clubs in Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

For the Bundessieger & Herbstsieger show on  October 11–13, 2019 in Dortmund, at which VDH itself is the organiser and can therefore determine the admission conditions, we will decide on the basis of the current information whether Norwegian dogs can be admitted.

As soon as new information are available, the VDH evaluates it and decides whether to repeal this recommendation or further measures.

The Norwegian Kennel Club informs about this on its website.

UPDATE: The VDH decided not to admit dogs from Norway to the Bundessieger & Herbstsieger Show  2019 in Dortmund.

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