Competition “Best of Breed (BOB)”


A “best of breed” will be carried out for every breed/variety for which a CACIB is assigned by the FCI as well as for breeds provisionally recognized by the FCI.
After judging all classes the “Best of Breed” will be determined by the judge from the dogs and bitches of the junior, veteran, intermediate, champion, working and open class.

The following dogs are to be included for the BOB:

- CACIB-Dogs (male and female)
- The V1 rated dogs of the junior class (male and female)
- The first placed dogs of the veteran class (male and female)

From these maximum of six dogs the judge then determines BOB, BOS, Best Junior Dog and Best Veteran.

In the case of International shows the rule applies that for breeds which have been “provisionally” recognized by the FCI and hence are not awarded a CACIB, dogs who have received a candidature to the title “German Champion” (VDH), first-placed dogs of the veteran class as well as winners of the junior class (provided they have received the highest possible form value grade) are entitled to take part.

Veteran Competition

“Best Veterans of Breed” are entitled to participate. The assessment of the dogs in this competition is carried out by the judge according to the standard. However particular consideration should be given to the overall condition
of the dogs. The organisers will place and introduce the veterans to the public individually (1-3).

Best in Group (BIG)

Each Best of Breed will participate in the Group Competition (Group= FCI Group). Each Best of Breed will receive a diploma showing the colour of the corresponding group. Only dogs with such a diploma may participate in the competition.

Best in Show (BIS)

All Group winners of the Bundessieger-Show will participate in the competition “Best in Show (BIS) of the Bundessieger-Show” which will take place on 18. october 2020, around 7.25 p.m. All Group Winner of the Fall Winner Show will participate in the competition “Best in Show (BIS) of the Fall Winner Show” which will take place on 18. october 2020, around 7.15 p.m.

Junior handling

This is a very helpful preparation for Youngsters who intend to exhibit dogs in future. Therefore, the quality of dogs presented by them will be irrelevant.

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