New Hall Concept


We will continue the new hall concept first implemented last year. We have modified it on the basis of exhibitor‘s tips. The rings in Halls 6, 7 und 8 are rearranged and special lounge areas for exhibitors have been created. In this way we ensure that the evacuation routes in the halls remain clear and unobstructed by equipment (pet carriers, grooming tables, chairs, etc.). This has, in the past, shown to be problematic and been criticised by the fire department.

Specific areas (shaded in the hall plan) solely designated for exhibitors can be found in each hall. In these areas the exhibitors have the opportunity to prepare their dogs and wait for the competitions. We request that you make use of these designated areas near your ring. Our on-site personnel is available to answer any questions and will show you your respective spaces. Because of security reasons it is forbidden to use crate fences.



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